Our Washing Method

When we wash your vehicle, we want to make sure the entire thing has been properly cleaned. To do this, we use the two bucket wash method. This method uses one bucket for the soap and water mixture that will do the actual cleaning of the vehicle and a second bucket to rinse the dirt off of the mitt or cloth being used for cleaning. When most people wash their car at home, they use just one bucket and use a hose to rinse the suds away. This mean dipping a dirty cloth or mitt back into the same water that you will be using to put the sudsy water onto your paint. Dirt that remains on you cloth puts your paint at higher risk of obtaining scratches that can lead to deterioration of the paint later on. By using a second bucket, you are removing the majority of the dirt you have just washed off, making it less likely that you will scratch your paint. Since we want to make sure we treat your car like we would treat our own, we use this preferred method.

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The Products We Use

We make sure to also use the best products to help remove dirt and grime. There are many options for cleaning cloths on the market, but we prefer to use Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt to gently trap and wash away dirt and grime. Its large, plush fibers are gentle and safe for your vehicle’s clear coat. It is also lint free, so it will not leave pieces of itself behind. It helps to leave your car clean with a swirl-free shine. Because it will not damage your paint, it is safe to use on every part of your car’s exterior. Using this gentle yet effective mitt helps us to gently rub away the dirt without causing damage to the clear coat. Its design also helps keep it secured to our hands so that we are able to use its entire surface, something that would not be possible if we were to use any other cleaning cloth. This gives your vehicle a superior clean in comparison to what other cloths can do.

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